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Wives For Family Reunification

Wives For Family Reunification | The Format | Proposed Criteria for Conjugal Visits | Suggestions for Conjugal Sites | Draft Letter for your Delegate & Senator | Conjugal Visitation Inmate Eligibility For Other States | Article 1: Conjugal Visitation: A U.S. Perspective | Article 2: Current Views of Inmate Visiting | Email Correspondence and Updates | Useful Resources and Links

We are the Wives For Family Reunification, a group of women who are legislating to get conjugal visitation in the prison institutions in the State of Maryland. We need support from wives that are interested in helping us get this Legislation passed. We need support from any and all institutions. If you feel our cause and you are willing to help please contact us. We need people that are interested in putting forth efforts like contacting their Senator or Delegate on the State level and getting them to vote in support of our cause. We are going to present this to the Maryland General Assembly in January and we need your support NOW!!!

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