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Proposed Criteria for Conjugal Visits

Wives For Family Reunification

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Proposed Criteria for Conjugal Visits


Inmates receiving visits must first follow the basic rules such as having good behavior with no infractions, hard workers maintaining a job, and not a security threat. If they do not adhere to the basic rules they would be classified under the first Behavior Management Level.


1.                  Behavior Management Level 1 - - these inmates are not allowed any visitation except with an attorney, clergy member, or law enforcement official.


2.                  Behavior Management Level 2 - - these inmates are permitted visitation with family/friends 8 times a month. These do not include conjugal visits.


3.                  Behavior Management Level 3 - - these inmates are permitted 10 visits per month with family/friends. Four of those visits being conjugal visits for married inmates.

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