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Wives For Family Reunification

Conjugal Visitation Inmate Eligibility For Other States

States Criteria



Family visits shall not be permitted for inmates convicted of a violent offense involving a minor or family member or any sex offense.


Family visits shall not be permitted for inmates who are in any of the following categories:


1. Sentenced to Life without the possibility of parole

2. Sentenced to Life without a parole date established by the Board of Prison Terms       

3. Designated Class A or Class B Custody

4. Designated a condemned inmate

5. Assigned to a reception center

6. Assigned to an Administrative Segregation Unit

7. Assigned to Security Housing Unit

8. Designated "C" status

9. Guilty of one or more Division A of Division B offense within the last 12 months

10. Guilty of Narcotics distribution while incarcerated in a state prison.




1. Inmates on a restricted status

2. In the Close Monitoring Program

3. On Chronic discipline or high security status may not be allowed contact visits.


New York


An inmate is not eligible to participate in FRP (family reunion program) if the inmate has a higher security designation that permitted at the program; if the inmate is assigned to a special housing unit for disciplinary reasons.


A special review to determine eligibility will be conducted if an inmate has been designate a central monitoring case, has been convicted of heinous or unusual crimes or if it appears that the inmate is a sex offender.




Offenders must be A or B custody and have at least Behavior Management Level of 3 to be eligible for a conjugal visit. An offender will have no findings of guilty for Rule Violation Report for 6 months to be eligible for conjugal visits. Proof of Marriage will be required for all conjugal visits.

Lifers are eligible


New Mexico


Inmates classified as level 4,5,6 and those inmates in disciplinary segregation or pre-hearing detention are not eligible for family visits.

Any inmate who has been convicted of a crime involving attempt or conspiracy to commit murder, criminal sexual penetration, criminal sexual contact or any other crime resulting in serious bodily injury toward a family member or an individual with who the inmate has significant relationship will not be eligible for family visit with the victim of the crime.




Inmate must have medium custody level or lower, must have at least 12 consecutive moths since arrival at the Department of Corrections on the current commitment, behavior and rile violation history, criminal history including any pending charges, work and school participation during incarceration. Release date and sentence structure, history of domestic violence or child abuse mental or physical health, successful participation in regular visitation program and crime conviction.

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