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Suggestions for Conjugal Sites

Wives For Family Reunification

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Suggestions for Conjugal Sites



1.                  Trailers on the grounds. These can be paid for by the families that want to participate in this program.


A.                 Inmates families would be responsible for bring in bedding, cleaning supplies and food for use in the trailer.


B.                 Inmates/ families would be responsible for keeping the trailers clean and leaving them the same as or better than when they came for the visit.


C.                 Inmates/families would pay a certain amount to stay in the trailer for each visit. This would pay for any maintenance needed on the exterior of the trailer.


2.                  Apartment buildings built on the premises. These can also be funded by outside private sources. As stated before the inmate/his family would be responsible for maintaining a certain level of cleanliness and for food for that visit.



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